Come learn the home management skills that have helped the busiest and most overwhelmed moms gain FREEDOM in their homes!

Ashley has opened my mind up to so many possibilities. As my kids grew and so did my business, I was getting more and more stressed and overworked as a mom of 4 boys! But when Ashley told me that she couldn't remember the last time she washed a dish, I was blown away! Now my kids have daily chores, they fold and put away their own laundry (my least favorite thing to do ever) and I'm slowly giving them more responsibility without feeling like I'm begging them! Ashley is uber-qualified to advise on child-raising so all I can say to her every time she creates something new is "Take my money O Wise Leader!" You won't regret this purchase, I promise.

- Yael Bendahan, mother of 4

Ashley is an inspiration. It’s 100% proven that the MOST successful kids do chores.

However, getting your kids to do chores and knowing where to start with the process is kinda overwhelming...

Enter Ashley with the Smart Kids Chore Course - it’s like having a fairy godmother work her magic...

But instead of tiny woodland creatures helping you with the house work, you have a ready-made plan to engage your favorite little people.

Ashley’s course is a win/win for parents and kids!

--Helen Henley, mother of 5

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